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According to Sr. Georgette Larose, “Serving others bolsters her happiness”.

For once during her life, Sister Georgette, centenarian, was in the spotlight

In her tribute, Sr. Beverley Wattling, provincial councillor, reminded us of the kindness and the service-oriented qualities of Sr. Georgette who accomplished many things during her long career.

After having taught music for ten years, Sr. Georgette began working at Vincent-d'Indy School of Music holding several jobs.  For 17 years, she worked in the printing office of the secretariat while also assuming the heavy responsibility of overseeing the impeccable operation of 100 pianos! It was an essential but obscure task.

She later became a member of the SNJM community at Chalet Jésus-Marie in Saint-Sauveur.  Sr. Georgette was then immersed in welcoming and hospitality in this holiday venue. Here again, she distinguished herself by her tireless spirit, her desire to make vacation or rest time memorable for every Sister who stayed there. "She has been known, loved and appreciated by many Sisters," noted Sr. Beverley.

"A Jack of all trades”

At the age when the majority of people were retiring, Sr. Georgette moved back to Montreal and worked in the accounting and maintenance departments at the Motherhouse in Outremont.  When the Motherhouse closed, Sister Georgette moved to Maison Jésus-Marie in Longueuil and continued her volunteer work in the payroll department.  .

"A dedicated woman, engaged and interested in the issues of today's society, Georgette always finds something to do," added the provincial councilor.

This woman who has a good sense of humor, describes herself as a "Jack of all trades" or "a woman who can do anything", found her recipe for happiness, over the course of her well-lived 100 years.

Many years ago, she wrote, "I have always tried to be there my companions, either by rendering a service, out of kindness and consideration and not thinking of myself.  I took care of myself last. So, I have always been happy.” Spreading joy around is a beautiful lesson in life.

Successful festivities

Following the Mass, Sr. Georgette was celebrated during the afternoon at a festive reception attended by about thirty nephews and nieces.

The presentation of a video clip depicting the great aspects of her life surprised many, while recalling good memories and small shared pleasures. Special refreshments were later served in the cafeteria at the Saint-André Pavilion.

The festivities in honor of the centenarian continued the following day, with the presentation of the same video capsule to the other Sisters residing on the ground floor. Special refreshments were also served.

Photos: Sr. Suzanne Brault

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