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Chalet de St-Sauveur-des-Monts

In 1921, M. and Mme François Gobeil, parents of Sister Françoise d’Alcala snjm, gave some land and a small house, to the Community.  Situated beside Lac Millette and surrounded by trees and wildlife, this home was to become a place of rest, relaxation and renewal for many Sisters down through the years.  The first group of 13 Sisters arrived in 1922.

Gradually, the house was enlarged by adding on two pavilions to accommodate the large number of Sisters who wanted to spend their holidays in the middle of nature.  During the 1960’s, a fenced-in pool was dug out in the lake, near the shoreline, for those who wanted to go swimming.  There was even a diving board and a place to lie in the sun within those walls.  Two rowboats were available for those who were adventuresome.  Eventually, this pool was removed and swimmers gladly swam freely in the lake.

The “Durocher” pavilion was open all-year long, and the “Marie-Rose” Pavilion was open generally from July into the early fall.

The beauty of each season: autumn with her multi-coloured leaves; the snows of winter blanketing the ground, covering the trees, the frozen lake where one can catch a glimpse of cross-country skiers; springtime with the return of the birds, the melting of the snow, the budding of the trees; the warmth of summer, hearing conversations both in the lake and on the grounds.  There was an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and, at times, an overwhelming experience of the God of creation.  Each person, who arrived for a vacation or a needed rest, was warmly welcomed and quickly felt “at home.”

The chalet was sold in 2008.  Using the medium of a slide show, Sr. Jeannine Cornellier SNJM, is expressing her immense gratitude for all the years spent in this magical place.

Click on the Powerpoint file below to access the virtual visit.

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