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Visit to the Museum of the Sisters of Providence

 On Friday, June 8, 2012, the Associates who are members of the “TRAQ”, (Table régionale des associées du Québec) held their end of year meeting, which was both historic and festive: a guided visit to the Museum at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Providence where Gisèle Provost works. They enjoyed a very tasty meal at the end of the visit.

Our visit began in the chapel, its stained-glass windows inviting us to meditate, its Way of the Cross made of mosaics and its organ where we met the Sister who is the titular organist.

Our guide, Sister Laurette Adam, co-foundress of the Museum, invited us to share in the beautiful life story of Blessed Émélie Tavernier-Gamelin, foundress of the Sisters of Providence.

Sister Adam, enthusiastically held our attention and interest during this historic journey...which lasted two hours!...



We were familiar with their works of charity, love and compassion.

Many items, tableaus and stained-glass windows accompanied the explanation. The Providence Refuge, formerly the Motherhouse, built in the heart of Montreal where could be found the “Soup Kitchen”, among other works of the Congregation.  Today this place is known as: Place Émélie-Gamelin.

Orphanages were established because the poor, in a wider sense of the word, were the focus of their concern. The founding of the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb still remains a great apostolate. A short film concluded this visit.

We then visited a room in the infirmary and a few other floors, of which the 12th one provided us with a magnificent view of their property, of the city of Montreal, and in the distance, the old S.N.J.M. Motherhouse...

We ended our afternoon with a tasty supper...and wished each other a good vacation until we meet again next September.

 Nicole Charbonneau,  Du Rocher Group


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