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A Day of Renewal


 On Saturday, September 22, 2012, the Quebec Associates from the French and English sectors gathered for an annual day of renewal at "Maison-des-Enfants Marie-Rose", in Beauharnois. 

Sister Beverley opened the day with a gathering prayer. Then there was a workshop entitled 'Art and Spirituality', facilitated by Janine Lefebvre: a workshop in which the Gospel became alive as the participants reflected on the Word of God, based on the theme "Give Them to Drink".
Afterwards, we shared our Gospel text with others by means of a word and a drawing which was special to us and whose meaning was shared by the other participants.
Father Gabriel Clément presided at the Mass and Sr. Lisette Boulé had us singing wholeheartedly! 

Together we joyfully enjoyed a meal which had been prepared by the cook at "Maison-des-Enfants". Heavy rain kept us indoors but everyone seemed to be content just being with each other. It was all very peaceful and joyful. Then, there was a quick foray out into the rain to plant a pink lilac tree to commemorate our day at "Maison-des- Enfants".
Hélène Avon and Diane Corbeil facilitated the afternoon workshop inspired by excerpts taken from the book: A Pilgrimage of the Heart with Mother Marie-Rose. After this grace-filled time of meditation, we met with four children who asked us questions  about God: a profound moment in which the children waited for answers from the adults who endeavoured to answer with simplicity of heart.

Finally, we did an evaluation of the day; everyone mentioned the value of the workshops and the necessity of repeating this experience every year, since many people mentioned the associates’ need for renewal and the necessity of sharing our experiences of the Holy Spirit.
If each one wants to give others something to drink, we ourselves must go to the Source and then share this Water of the Spirit with others!

It was a sheer delight that day to welcome
my sisters in Marie-Rose!

Janine Lefebvre
Tranlated by Patricia Pietroniro
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