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A New Painting of Mother Marie-Rose

During the celebrations marking the bicentennial of the birth of Eulalie, the Historic and Cultural Society of Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu (SHEC), the Fabrique, the Municipality and generous volunteers collaborated closely with the personnel of Centre Marie-Rose.

To continue this great relationship, the Municipality has presented to the Congregation a painting (oil stick on paper backed with canvas, 40 by 36 inches) created by a local artist: Madame Gaëtane Dion.

The work places our foundress in her birthplace and in her own era. The face of Saint François-Xavier seeks to show her great missionary spirit which has repercussions to this very day.

The gallery in which Madame Dion works is a Bed and Breakfast located in front of the Church and the Maison de la Culture. The studio has a permanent exhibition of the artist’s works.

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