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Tribute to Marie-Rose Durocher and to the SNJM’s in St-Lin

Altar with painting and statue of Marie-Rose Durocher

On September 29, 2013, the SNJM’s had an important meeting with the people of Saint-Lin. It was that day, during a Sunday Mass, that a warm tribute was rendered to Marie-Rose Durocher.

The SNJM’s arrived in this municipality in 1848 while their foundress was still alive, and remained until 2011 rendering multiple services: teaching school, giving music lessons, doing pastoral work, serving as sacristans, and being present to the residents in so many different ways.

From history we learn that “It was in answer to a request by Father Grégoire Chabot, pastor of the parish of Saint-Lin, that on September 20, 1848, Mother Marie-Rose sent three Sisters to open a boarding school and a day school for girls”.

Now, 185 years later we are gathered to give thanks to God for this action undertaken in 1848! Who could have predicted it back then?

People from St-Lin with members of the team and the pastor
Group of SNJM’s who attended

Today’s gathering unfolded in two steps. Firstly, Father Wilson Ramirez Angel who welcomed us was surrounded by grateful parishioners for a Eucharistic celebration during which voices echoed with joy.

The entrance procession led to the sanctuary where, prominently displayed was a statue of Marie-Rose Durocher which is to be installed later in a niche on the left side altar, along with a framed picture which will identify the hall in the church basement, which was renamed today after this woman from among us.

Sisters Lorraine Mongeon and Jeanne Dagenais, provincial coordinators, spoke to those gathered in the name of the SNJM’s and Mrs. Ghislaine Lapierre expressed the gratitude of the people of Saint-Lin. ( PDF text below)

The gathering ended with a prayer and a blessing with holy water in the Parish hall, which was renamed, Salle Marie-Rose Durocher.  Refreshments were served and the celebration continued.

May all those who spend time here feel the comforting presence of this Blessed One from among us who was so close to the people of her time!

Photo album of the event

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